Theodor Herzl was wrong. Well, wrong about one thing. He believed that anti-Semitism would go away once a Jewish State appeared. What has happened instead is that anti-Semitism has redirected its energies toward the Jewish State. The bile that had been reserved for the Jews now pours itself out on Israel. Scratch an anti-Zionist and you find an anti-Semite. This the anti-Zionist naturally denies.

Admittedly, this is a strange way to lead off an About Us page. But it explains why we’re here. Herzl demonstrated a profound empathy for the Jewish people. His concern for them even led him to pursue a land other than Israel – a ‘temporary shelter’ – that could house persecuted Jewry. The Jewish masses recognized Herzl’s warmth and returned it with an outpouring of love.

A Spirit of Caring

That spirit of caring hovers above this website. It animated the original force behind this project – Herbert Zweibon, the late chairman of Americans for A Safe Israel. Once, when asked what would happen if Israel were to be destroyed, he said, not missing a beat: “We help the survivors.” He was motivated by that same, let’s call it, Herzlian concern. Whatever situation the Jews were in, he would be there to help. It’s a model we try to live up to.

Combating Anti-Zionism Through Education

Today, Israel and Zionism are under attack. Israel is accused of war crimes. Zionism is equated with racism. They are old canards repeated ad-nauseam. Recently the battlefield has heated up on college campuses, in high school classrooms and even elementary schools. We need to combat this anti-Zionism rhetoric, but there is a shortage of educational material to counter these libels. So that is where we have focused our efforts and why we have created this website, ZionismU. To help fill that gap.

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If you would like to learn more about who we are, please read the Message From Our Director and visit our Advisory Board page, which includes a number of accomplished academics, like Prof. Edward Alexander and Dr. Mitchell Bard, who have spent decades writing and teaching about Zionism.

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