Zionism is in Retreat. Our Mission is to Stop a Rout.

The most important development in modern Jewish history has been marginalized. Zionism’s opponents grow in number. Its erstwhile supporters shrink from defending it. Evidence of this is found in a September 2017 Stanford University study which ironically seeks to ease concerns, claiming that reports of campus anti-Semitism are overblown. Jewish kids are just fine.

Read a little deeper and something else emerges. Anti-Jewish attitudes on campus flow from “bad feelings” over the Arab-Israel conflict. The majority of the students “devise coping strategies to avoid that discomfort. … Many reported a fear of entering into the political debate around Israel, choosing instead to opt out, remain silent or sometimes simply feign ignorance about the conflict.”

Jewish kids are fine? Sounds a lot like they’re intimidated to us.

Zionism - A Right to Self-Determination

Zionism is simply the belief that the Jews have a right to self-determination in their ancient homeland. Anti-Zionists want to see that right negated. Jewish students, who should be at the forefront of combating this modern form of anti-Semitic ideology, are too frightened to do anything about it, according to a report telling us everything’s OK.  We believe education is the key.

The Need to Understand Zionism

You need to know what Zionism is before you can defend it. Toward that end, ZionismU’s first project is Zionism 101, a film series about the history of the movement, covering its earliest beginnings up to the creation of the State of Israel.

The series consists of 47 carefully researched films containing rarely seen period footage and photographs collected from archives in several countries. To help educators we offer, together with our Zionism 101 film series, supplemental materials for the classroom, including lesson plans, PowerPoints, supporting documents, timelines, and bibliographies. Instructors will find everything they need to teach about Zionism.

All videos are free to stream on our site. A complete DVD set is available for purchase in our store for those who prefer to watch offline.

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